(Speculative, based off of devlog and kickstarter images and updates; will update page when alpha is released)

Items Edit

There are many different items in Moonman. Weapons, materials, clothing, tools, armor, toys, blocks, decoration, lights, etc.


Items from the Kickstarter page.

New items


Item Types Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapons consist of many different types of melee weapons in varying size, shape and power. These can be hammers, battleaxes, swords, knifes and some blunt weapons of unique shape and unknown ability. There are also ranged weapons, such as crossbows. Laser staves are also a weapon type.

Tools Edit

There are many types of tools as well. Pickaxes, axes, hammers, etc.

Armor/Wearables Edit

Armor and clothing items are very varying, ranging from purely aesthetic to entirely brutal defense. There is even diamond armor. There are many animal hats and masks as well, sometimes changing the shape of moonman entirely. The images from the devlog have shown giraffe, cat and pig hats so far. Other items are wearable, like shields and possibly other trinkets.

Placeables Edit

Placeable items also exist. Blocks, and interactable objects as well. Doors, ladders, bridges, tables, workbenches, furnaces, etc.

Others Edit

There are also useful items like food, buckets, etc.